Looking for exquisite bridal jewellery in Dubai? Check out our list of top bridal jewellery dealers to find out where to buy your bridal set. There are many jewellers selling high class bridal jewellery in Dubai. We have put together their names to make it easy for you to know where to look when shopping for bridal jewellery sets.

Bridal Jewellery

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Taiba Wedding Jewellery

Taiba Jewellery is one of the leading jewellers in Dubai. The award-winning jewellery store has a wide range of bridal jewellery, which includes CZ gold wedding bands and twin styles wedding rings in 18k and 21k. Visit the Taiba Jewellery s ...

Samra Wedding Rings

Samra Jewellers has a long history selling quality jewellery, having been established in 1914. Bridal jewellery from Samra is stunning. Made from finely cut diamonds, their diamond engagement and wedding rings are unlike any other sold in D ...

Wedding Jewellery Dubai

Dubai is a great place to buy bridal jewellery, as it has quite an impressive range to choose from. Both local and international bridal jewellery sets are available, and you can choose from Arabic bridal designs, Indian bridal sets or Weste ...

Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings almost always form part of bridal jewellery, with many brides opting to wear diamond rings on their big day. The variety of diamond wedding rings sold in Dubai is huge, and you will easily find something that catches y ...

Bridal Jewelry Dubai

Bridal jewellery comes in different designs and styles. In Dubai, you can find all kinds of bridal jewellery, from Indian bridal jewellery and Arabic bridal jewellery to Western bridal jewellery and other international bridal collections. S ...