Although machines have replaced so many handmade job, the products of handmade are still wanted as high quality products that have high value of market. The tailor made clothing in Dubai is now still popular as part of Dubai’s culture and unique tradition. You can find some of the products in the handmade stores.
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Tailor Made Clothing

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Dubai Tailor Nahda

Looking for a trusted home of tailoring? It means you are looking for Dubai Tailor Nahda, the home of the professional tailors gather and help the customers meet what they need with their clothes. With dedication and great teamwork, Nahda h ...

Hollywood UAE

Each man has different needs and taste of fashion; that is the thing which is understood by the Hollywood UAE. The company has been in the business of men’s clothing tailoring for years and has been a great player ever since. Personal con ...

Creative Thread Dubai

Someone’s creativeness can be measured from the way he or she wears clothes. The Creative Thread Dubai understands the significant of special purpose and casual clothes for customers; so the company gives total response and consultation f ...

City Land Tailors

Sometimes we cannot get perfect clothes for our perfect sizes; it is the time when you need the clothes tailoring company. The City Land Tailors is one tailoring company in Dubai that serves for both women’s and men’s clothing demand. C ...

Tatiana Fashion Tailoring

Woman and fashion are inseparable; they come along together and go together. Woman always wants to be understood, even about the simplest fashion style. So, the Tatiana Fashion Tailoring gives her what she wants. Perfect tailoring with the ...

Lobo Tailors

Lobo Tailors, the company that is dressing people, will come soon to fulfill the demand of people to their own size and dream design. Armed with high quality machine and professional staffs, the company is ready to give the demand of clothe ...

Santoba Tailors

From Bur Dubai Meena Bazaar Jumal Al Majid building, the Santoba Tailors is ready to serve you. As many people want to look distinctive and unique, the willing to ask for personalized clothing is always increasing. Standing in the market fo ...

Genesis Tailors Dubai

As one of the leading tailoring companies in Dubai, the Genesis Tailors Dubai provides professional stakeholders to fulfill the demand of the fashionable customers. With great passion of serving for customers’ satisfaction, the company de ...

Royal Fashion

Men need style for pride and dignity. But if the fashion stores cannot fulfill the need, they should be familiar with another alternative that is creating their own style. The Royal Fashion is ready to assist the men who know who they are a ...


Have you visited so many department stores or boutiques? Do you find the right clothes that you want? Sometimes you may say yes, but sometimes you need to shake your head because all you want is never understood by the other. In this case, ...

Parma Tailors

Buying clothes in the boutique is nice, but sometimes you need something more personal that cannot be found in the ordinary boutique. If the choice of tailor made clothing is in your head, you should consider the Parma Tailors. It is the pl ...