Dubai has been growing in popularity with tourists looking for fabulous weather, a great history with both amazing modern buildings and beautiful traditional places and attractions. Dubai also have a number of large shopping malls which provide fantastic shopping possibility's and some of the most luxurious brands are opening stores in the country.
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Deira City Center Dubai

If you visit Deira City Center, you will see what has been called a real shopping paradise for women. Housing more than 350 shops, some small, some large, an entertainment complex with a children's theme park and a huge cinema multiplex. Th ...

Mall Of The Emirates

Located in the downtown region of Dubai is the Mall of the Emirates. It offers a huge variety of stores and attractions for its visitors. This shopping mall features all of the most famous and popular brands in the world. One of the biggest ...

Al Bustan Centre Dubai

Al Bustan Centre is not just a shopping mall . . . it's an entertainment center. Much like a luxury resort, this shopping mall features a combination of shopping and fitness possibilities. Located near the airport, this is a wonderful place ...

Dragonmart Dubai

One thing about going to shopping malls in Dubai is the amazing variety of vendors from all over the world. One in particular is Dragonmart. This one of a kind shopping center was designed specifically to house the Chinese traders operating ...

Al Khaleej Centre Dubai

Without a doubt, Dubai is famous for offering the curious shopper with almost anything imaginable. The Al Khaleej Centre, locate in the downtown area, is a shopping mall that helps to meet that expectation. This mall has been specifically s ...

Dubai Outlet Mall

While there is nothing new about outlet malls, the Dubai Outlet Mall is far from ordinary. While it has the usual types of stores common to the outlet mall theme, Dubai features the highest of fashion clothing and accessories, as well barga ...

Lamcy Plaza Dubai

Considered by many to be one of the most prestigious shopping malls in all of Dubai, the Lamcy Plaza features luxury stores, fashion boutiques and an extensive variety of entertainment. Located in the middle of the downtown region of Dubai, ...

Wafi Mall Dubai

Shopping malls in Dubai are common, but none compare to Wafi Mall, a place that has been specifically created for leisurely shopping and entertainment. Located near downtown Dubai, the mall features an atmosphere similar to ancient Egypt, w ...

Hamarain Center

The Hamarain Center, located near Dubai International Airport, is a popular shopping mall destination. It offers a wide variety of shopping options, featuring quality shops on three floors. It also included an office complex and restaurants ...

Dubai Shopping Malls

When shopping for anything in Dubai, whether it is fashionable clothing or leather goods, there is an almost unlimited supply of shops available at over 17 shopping malls throughout the city. Not only are these malls great places to shop fo ...