Silver has been used for centuries in the Arab world. As such, the finest quality silver is readily available in the largest metro city in the Middle East, Dubai. Visit any of the silver jewellery dealers listed here to choose from a wide selection of original silver jewellery and accessories.

Silver Jewellery

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Prima Silver Jewellery

Prima Gold has a stunning silver jewellery collection available for its Dubai clientele. Prima Gold jewellery stands out for its finesse and beauty, and its silver jewellery is no exception. They sell all types of silver jewellery including ...

Loupe Silver Jewellery

Buy a range of silver jewellery at the Loupe Silver Jewellery store in Dubai. Loupe Silver Jewellery has its store in the famous Gold Souk in Deira. The store is popular for its unique, exquisite pieces of jewellery, made from fine quality ...

Samer Jewellery

Samer Jewellery is a leading jewellery dealer in the UAE. The company was established in 1990 and has grown to become a top importer, exporter and wholesale dealer in silver jewellery in Dubai. The Samer retail store is located in Dubai Mal ...

Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is readily available in Dubai. All the major jewellery brands operating stores in Dubai – Taiba, Damas, Al Zain, and Samra - have their own silver collections, from where you can find unique silver jewellery. Jewellery st ...

Tiffany Dubai

Tiffany is a leading brand when it comes to silver jewellery in Dubai. The jewellery company makes its products from high quality, 925 sterling silver, yielding hardwearing jewellery. Tiffany silver jewellery includes bracelets, earrings, r ...

Silver Jewelry

Silver is of paramount importance among the Arab community, a factor that explains why silver jewelry is available in abundance in Dubai. Many jewellery stores stock silver jewelry while some specialise in silver jewelry. Top silver jewelry ...