The number of jewellers in Dubai is overwhelming, and with more than 300 jewellery stores in the Gold Souk alone, finding the a reliable brand for your needs can be difficult. Use our descriptive directory to find the best jewellers in Dubai. We feature both local and international brands, and focus on those that provide high quality jewellery only.

Dubai Jewellers

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Dubai is home to the finest diamond and gold jewellery. Strong ties with leading diamond mining countries such as India make it easy for dealers in Dubai to import the best diamonds in quality and cut. Find the list of Dubai’s gold and le ...

Levant Dubai

Levant is one of the leading jewellers in Dubai. The jeweller specialises in luxury jewellery and has a range of collections for both men and women. Their lines include rings of all types, pendants, brooches, necklaces, earrings, chains, ba ...

Kaloti Jewellers

Kaloti is one of the top jewellers operating in Dubai. Their ability to combine Swiss, Italian and German technology in their productions ensures that they have a wide range of jewellery designs on sale. Kaloti jewellery is made from a vari ...

Jewellers Dubai

Dubai jewellers sell a wide range of jewellery. Traditional, contemporary, hand-made, custom made, Italian, Arabic, Indian, Western, bridal, and antique jewellery are all available in Dubai. They use a range of materials to make their produ ...

Dubai Diamond Jewellers

Dubai is one of the largest sources of high quality diamond jewellery in the world. Diamond jewellers operating in Dubai are mostly Arabic and Indian, although there are a number of international brands here as well. Top diamond jewellers i ...

Dhakan Jewellers

Dhakan is one of Dubai’s main jewellers, having been established in 1914 and growing steadily since then. The company uses gold, diamond, platinum, pearls, sapphires, emeralds and ruby to make its jewellery. Their collection of jewellery ...

Gold Jewellers Dubai

Though jewellers in Dubai can be found in almost any corner of this Emirate, they are primarily found in three major areas: The Dubai Gold Souk in Deira where over 300 jewellers have set up shop; the Gold and Diamond Shop in Jebel Ali where ...