The Arabian lands are famous with its unique and distinctive fashion style. It is the home of many beautiful, glamour and sparkling clothes. If you want to have one of the clothes, you just need to visit Dubai and find the exclusive fashion stores that sale Arabic clothing. You will never regret for the things you buy there!
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Arabic Clothing

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Arabian Tailor Dubai

For decades, Arabian Tailor Group of Companies has been a trustable company providing people of Dubai and Abu Dhabi quality collections of Arabian traditional fashion. Not only women’s wears like Abaya and Shaila, this company also provid ...


Alyashmac is dedicated to provide you the finest Arabic fashion with the greatest quality at best price. Operating in 5 countries, Alyashmac is run professionally to combine the personality of Arab and the modern western touch, in order to ...

Eastern Vogue Dubai

It is not just Islamic clothes that the Eastern Vogue of Dubai offers, but the finest handmade Islamic clothing collections than combine the elegance, luxury, and exclusiveness. Using only the best material for the products, Eastern Vogue p ...

Miriam Fashion Dubai

Approaching the Idul Fitri Day, Miriam Fashion offers you fantastic collections of Abaya and Moslem fashion wear. The collections are available at the Miriam Fashion stores on Saturday and at the other stores only on Sunday. In order to mai ...

Dubai Fashion

Idul Fitri is coming; the most waited day for Moslems all over the world. Based in one of the major Arab emirate in the UAE, Dubai Fashion offers you the finest fabrics with Islamic nuance and style, without leaving the personality of the A ...

Alyashmac Dubai

Alyashmac is a symbol of a never-ending effort to promote the originality and the graceful of Arabian culture to the world fashion. Combining the Arabian fashion style with the details of western touch, Alyashmac introduces Moslem women out ...

Bedoon Essm Dubai

Bedoon ESSM, with the slogan of tradition and fashion, is dedicated to provide high-fashionable traditional wear for people in the Middle East and other Islamic countries, including Dubai and other countries in the Gulf. The design and the ...

Aljeaidi Dubai

Established in 1977 by Aljeaidi Brothers, Aljeaidi Group now comes as a leading garment business in the Gulf. With the passion to be the gateway to world fashion, the stores and the structures of Aljeaidi Fashion have been spread in major c ...

Al Motalhajiba Dubai

Al-Motahajiba is one of the largest companies that produce women garment in the Middle East. What makes this company great is that it offers the identity of Gulf Style fashion. Undoubtedly, the personality of Arabic culture is pointed out. ...

Al Thawb Alwatani Dubai

Al Thawb Alwatani Tailoring has five decades of experience in fabric and fashion business in Dubai. With a spirit of giving the best to the customers, the quality and service are two things that cannot be compromised. No wonder then, the co ...

Hanayen Dubai

If you think that Moslem women cannot look beautiful with their veils, then you should think again. Started in 1990 as a provider of the finest fabrics in Dubai, Hanayen has now grown as a leading company in Moslem fashion. With Hanayen col ...

Mumbai Se Dubai

For you who adore Indian lifestyle and fashion, this site should be in your must-to-see list. From Illum you can get the flamboyance of Khrisna in Mumbai Se collections. Based in New Delhi, India, Illum Design reaches larger and more sophis ...